Saturday, April 19, 2014

Finishing Up My Galleon List Models

I'm getting close to finishing off all the Mercenary models necessary for my Bart Galleon list. Here are Dougal, the Vanguard and Wyshnalyrr.

Everyone and their brother seems to have a Wyshnalyrr model.

Because so many 'casters need an upkeep focus.

Dougal sees a lot of work in Merc lists.

So good with shooting Galleon!

And on the Vanguard, I used the same painting technique I developed for the Galleon. It has a rust brown undercoat and then a green overspray that was distressed away with a stiff brush and rubbing alcohol.

When I glued the Vanguard pieces together, it seemed that the natural position for the arms left the pike and shield below the level of its feet. So to counter that, I built up the base with cork and perched the Vanguard on top.

This painting project went very fast. It's a simple scheme with some fast weathering. But all in all, a pretty cool looking light 'jack.

'Til next time.

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