Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Forgotten Men of Middle-earth

A few weeks ago, I got the urge to paint some more Middle-earth figures. GW's old metal minis are really nice. Great sculpts, nice animation, good proportions...on and on. Looking through the shelves of inventory, I decided to do some free men. 

And when you think of men in Middle-earth, Gondor and Rohan immediately come to mind. I have some Rohirrim ready to go...but I didn't feel like painting horses. So I dug into some of the more obscure models.

These are an assortment of models from the fiefdoms of Lamedon and Lossarnach, the Kingdom of Arnor, and men from Dunland.

After basing, priming and the first ink pass, skin and metal were the first things to paint.

Then, cloth. GW painted their clansmen from Lamedon with tartan kilts. Looked good. I tried it on mine as well.

Next up I worked on the leather items. There was a significant amount on the Dunland's always a challenge to vary up the shades of leather.

Then it was time for cloaks. King Arvedui has the fanciest.

Finally, it was time to finish off details. The remainder of the wood bits, eyes, hair, and everything else missed in the previous steps. Bases were painted and flocked...and then, all done.

Clansmen of Lamedon.

Axemen of Lossarnach.

Men of Dunland.

And finally, an assortment of characters from Arnor.

This week I was also able to base the 10/12mm sci-fi vehicles I've built recently. First there's this flight stand for the 1/144 scale stealth fighter.

And then a mix of other vehicles and artillery pieces. I like how they mix with the Heavy Gear models.

Well, that's all for this week. Next up, I have a number of Warmachine models ready to be logged in.

'Til next time.


  1. Hi Kevin, my name is Anthony. I have a bunch of old mage knight pieces that I'd be happy to part with for a fair price. Let me know if you are interested, please email me at to let me know one way or the other--thanks!

  2. Splendid painting work !!
    and you're right : the figures are good ones !

  3. Nice stuff, these figs do paint up well, must get my Rohan finished.


  4. I'm rapt by your techniques, Kevin. Can you recommend a good airbrush setup? We've needed one at my job for a while and now that I finally snuck one into our equipment budget, I don't know what to look for in a quality one. Suggestions? I'll be mostly doing small props, projects and detail work.

    1. Pete,
      Several guys around here have the same set up. Iwata studio series compressor with an Iwata Eclipse gravity-fed dual action airbrush. Great pair.

  5. Very nice work. I'm looking for ideas for my own small Lossarnach unit, and while I won't be using turquoise it's always inspiring to see such well-painted models. Kudos.