Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gun Mages and eStryker

There is a local painting challenge (found at Tale of Warmachine Painters): 100 points in one year. So essentially, everyone in the group (and there must be 50 of us) has pledged to paint 10 points of Warmachine units per month with two "free" months away from the paint brush.

So, for July, I've painted up eStryker, worth 5 points as a Warcaster, and a unit of Gun Mages for 6 points.

Nothing special with eStryker...and honestly, he was a little rushed.

Now, my beef is with the Gun Mages. For some reason I just hated painting these guys. And I spent a lot of time on them...and still, they look rushed to me and a little incomplete. But they were just awful to do. No idea why...just didn't like the whole experience

Painting can be funny that way sometimes.

'Til next time.

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