Monday, July 14, 2014

Warmachine Battle Report: Focus on Kromac

Last week, I had local Warmachine player, Josh Richter, over for a game. He brought his favorite Circle army, while I played some of my new Mercenaries. Here is the pre-game interview with Josh, along with the battle report.

I brought out my Bart/Galleon list, which, of course, featured Galleon.

Here was my Spiny Growth module. Wrong Eye, Snapjaw and Bullsnapper.

And a tarpit of Boomhowlers.

This was my armour de-buff crew: Ragman, the Lady and Holt.

Finally, this was the core of the Galleon's support crew, including a Vanguard, Dougal and the Tinker.

Josh led with Kromac's double-Stalker battlegroup.

Two units of Woldstalkers.

And two units of stones.

Hope you enjoy the battle report.

'Til next time.

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