Saturday, August 23, 2014

D&D Player Characters

I'm running a couple of 5th edition D&D demos over the next month, so I wanted to get some RPG figures finished up and ready to go. I ordered up some Reaper figures from their various fantasy lines.  Started with seven minis, cleaned up, based and ready for priming,


Added a dark wash, then worked up the skin first.

After working on them on-and-off for about two weeks, I settled on the five I was going to finish off this weekend. And here they are...

A Dwarven cleric.

A human fighter.

A Halfling rogue.

An Elven wizard.

And a light fighter.

Really love the Reaper figures. Nice detail and castings are great. These five figures correspond to the pre-generated characters provided in the D&D 5th edition basic set. Well...close enough, anyway.

'Til next time.

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