Saturday, August 23, 2014

28mm Wolves

I recently ordered up a 3-pack of wolves from Reaper. Nice models...really like these guys.

I haven't painted dogs/wolves before, so I went straight to the internet and found some good source images. Here were the steps I used to paint a miniature inspired by this image:

The castings were really clean, so very little clean up. I mounted the wolf on a base and glued some sand down. After that dried, the figure got primed white, and then it got the usual dark wash treatment.

I painted up the base before moving onto the figure.

I started with a light golden brown.

Then added in the black patches.

I added a sepia wash, off-white dry brush, and finished the face/nose/mouth area.

And here was the finished wolf with the base flocked.

I then used this photo as a guideline for my second wolf...

...which is here.

And finally, I worked up a black wolf based on this image.

And here he is.


I liked each of these sculpts...good work, Reaper.

'Til next time.


  1. Lovely sculpts and great paintwork!

  2. Those are really nice; so many wolves are done in grey but that fading brown looks so much better.

  3. Really excellent work.
    Thanks a lot for sharing the step-by-step pictures.

  4. You should pick up a few Reaper bones and try them out. They are great value for table top playing. Some of the smaller sculpts can be a little softer in some detail vs metal but the mid size/large size sculpts (think more monsterish like ogres, giants, dragons etc) are *highly* detailed and pretty amazing given what an equivalent sculpt would cost in metal.

    1. oh and compared to metals they are an absolute joy to pin/custom base...

  5. Nice paint job would the be good for putting on a viking warlords base for saga. what scale / size are they thanks

  6. Look at Ral Partha in the UK for a super cheap pack (7!) of metal wolves. Absolutely stunning sculpts. Bought and painted them myself and highly recommend.