Monday, October 26, 2015

Two Reaper Minis

I've recently painted up two Reaper monster miniatures. The first one...a small metal Dragonette (which we're using as a newly hatched Wyvern in our D&D game), I quite like. Nice simple one-piece mini. Easy to paint. Quick to get on the table.

An attractive and useful model.

Next, we have Rauthuros, a very large demon figure...and my first encounter with a Reaper Bones soft plastic miniature. This is the pic of the figure posted on the Reaper site.

I've got to say that I admire Reaper for launching the Bones line. The miniatures are CHEAP! But, as you might suspect, the end product also feels CHEAP! That soft plastic does't take detail as well as a metal sculpt...and this figure is so large, the wings flop around and the soft plastic just makes you feel like you're dealing with a throw-away toy.

From the start, I didn't like the figure. But I was determined to get as far with it as I could. I chopped up the moulded-on base to get the figure re-positioned onto a metal base with some weight, so the thing wouldn't constantly tip over on the table.

Then I started spray painting the large surfaces. OK, I'll give Reaper this...for some reason, paint sticks to this weird plastic like nothing else. I primed the figure and sprayed on acrylics, and for the life of me, no matter what I tried (including bending the figure severely), the paint would not crack or chip off.

OK, that's good. Score 1 for Bones.

However, I really couldn't stand anything else about the mini. My pro-metal bias really grates against the Bones philosophy.

So much so, that I could not bring myself to finish painting the figure. I'd say it's about 70% of the way there...but I'm not putting any more effort into it.

I've used it in a game, and it served it's purpose. But as a display piece I'm proud to show, it just doesn't cut it. I really can't finish the damn thing.

I've wound up buying one more REALLY BIG Bones miniature...on this new one, the plastic is stiffer, and the detail is I'll give Bones one more try. But currently, I'm not a believer.

'Til next time.


  1. If you are not liking the bigger bones figures then the line is probably not for you.

    I totally agree that humanoid sized bones minis don't compare at all favorably vs metals, wont buy them anymore. But I have to disagree on the medium/large sized minis. They hold up much better as far as detail goes imo. No not metal sharp of course, but once you paint them up a lot of people would be hard pressed to tell the difference (in fact there are numerous 'pick the bones vs metal' threads on Reapers official forums that really show how a well painted bones mini is extremely tough to tell apart from the metal equivalent).

    1. Kickin,
      I totally get what you're saying. And, in fact, I have another large (really large!) Bones figure that I'm going to try out. But with this particular figure, the wings were floppy, the detail was soft, and the whole thing felt cheap. However, on this next one, the plastic seems stiffer and the detail is better. So, here's hoping.

    2. Dragons Dont Share 2 or Khanjira?

    3. Dragons Don't Share. Starting with the terrain, which is an interesting kit in itself.

  2. Hi Kevin, very nice blog.
    I'm an italian gamer which is about to move to Edmonton at the beginning of 2016. I'll make sure I check the games club you write about, I wouldn't risk to do less gaming and modelling once I'm there.
    Talk to you soon

  3. Ginzio,

    Great. We look forward to meeting you! Find us on Facebook at Edmonton Wargame Group.

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