Friday, October 16, 2015

Witchfate Tor

Hmmm, been a while since I posted. Was pretty busy this summer and got diverted by other interests, Nevermind...back in the saddle. First new model is this large terrain piece from Games Workshop, Witchfate Tor, the Tower of Sorcery.

I had built the smaller, ruined version of this model earlier in the year. Armed with the experience from that project, this one went a lot smoother.

I busted out the box last Saturday morning, and by the late afternoon, the tower was built and primed.

And then the painting was finished up on Monday by about noon (it was Canadian Thanksgiving got Monday off...good for painting projects!).

Here is the top platform of the tower. Hey, it's GW...skulls are everywhere!

Taking off the various levels in order, here's the top floor.

And the middle floor. This kit comes with no floor attachment mechanism, which kind of sucks. Without pins or magnets, the whole thing would fall over the first time you used it in a game. I added two brass pins per floor to keep it all together.

Here is the bottom floor, glued onto the base foundation.

The airbrush really sped up the painting of this kit. I wouldn't try it with just a would take forever. Anyway, gave the main stonework a bluish hue, and then used the old standby, Deneb Stone, for the detail stonework.

All in all, the kit tuned out better than I was expecting, but I attribute this to knowing how to thin down the connection blocks in each level's four wall sections to make a clean assembly (learned the hard way from the associated ruins kit).

Happy with the result. A good piece of RPG terrain!

'Til next time.


  1. Welcome back Kevin! We've missed you!

    Nice work as always.

  2. I was wondering why no posts for a long time :) Nice work on this kit - I found it a monumental PITA to assemble. In fact I think I gave up and never did finish building it.

  3. Kevin, I love the tower. Can you send me a link to your video on airbrushing the dragon and any other airbrush techniques? BTW, I'd like to know how you used the airbrush with to highlight with Deneb stone? Do you have a video on this? As well, what color was the base paint that you added the blueish hue to? I'm going to attempt the GW Fortress over Christmas. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks,

    -Mark Wall (