Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lizardman Cavalry

Here's another unit of GW Lizardmen that will see service in Kings of War

I started painting the mounts well over a year ago (maybe two), but never got around to finishing them, or painting the riders.

A situation now rectified.

Hmmm, what next?

'Til next time.


  1. Off topic, but what do you use for your display cabinets Kevin? I know the cheap IKEA glass cabinets are popular but they dont really float my boat from a efficient use of space perspective as well as poor lighting options (imo). I know you have a nicely developed games room but I dont think I've ever seen what you house your display models in...

    1. kickin,
      I do have one Ikea cabinet with lighting for displaying my WWI models, but almost everything else is out on Ikea Billy shelves. I also have my Warmachine armies out on some built-in shelves in the man-cave. But that's about it.