Sunday, February 14, 2016

Troglodon...Step by Step

More Lizardman Madness! 

Next up is this new Troglodon model, which comes in the Warhammer Carnosaur kit box. I'll be using it in Kings of War as a Lekelidon.

The kit comes in a number of pieces. It's well cast in typical GW grey plastic, and very well sculpted. The build is a little time consuming, but very straightforward. I built up a 50x100mm base with balsa and Gale Force 9 urban rubble plaster.


So, time to think about a color scheme. The back of the assembly booklet had a black and white line drawing of the finished model. I used this to pencil-in a basic camouflage pattern, which would serve as a guide while painting.

Next came color selection. I decided on a cream-colored underbelly, with a bright green back and sail. The demarkation between the two colors would be dark chocolate brown spots. To add more color into the scheme, I figured on having some bright red-orange spots (inspired by the Dragon Turtle I painted up a few months back).

Here is the progression of colors I'd be using, from the bottom to the top of the figure. The paints are arranged from left to right.

And after airbrushing, this is what the base colors looked like on the model.

Next came some brush work to add in the detail spots and orange highlights.

Next came a long sequence where all the detail colors were added in. All the gold was done. Then...turquoise feathers. Rawhide leather straps. Claws, teeth, "whiskers," and tongue.

Finally, I painted the base, and sprayed a few coats of sealer on the model.

And there it is. I'm a real fan of this kit...very easy to put together, and it makes a nice painting project with lots of potential color schemes.

It is a bigger model than I was expecting. Here you can see it next to a rank-and-file Lizardman for scale reference.

Almost done that first 1200-point Kings of War army. One unit to go.

'Til next time.


  1. I said it on facebook but man, this thing looks BADASS :)

  2. Great colors, and I had totally forgotten about this variant version, so this was a great reminder.