Sunday, February 24, 2019

Burnt-out Rhino

Last month, a friend of mine gave me several boxes of Games Workshop models to distribute into the Edmonton hobby community. One of the models I kept to do myself was this Rhino APC. This is a short step-by-step article on turning it into a burnt-out terrain piece for my Kill Team game boards. the model.

Second, primed brown. This gets the base rust layer down quite painlessly. After the primer dried, I sponged on some latex.

Next, I sprayed on the base layer of the camouflage colour. When that was dry, I rubbed the whole model to get the latex off and create the first rust chipping layer.

Another latex application, and then sprayed on a couple of camouflage colours. Not shown here, but then gave this layer a rub to expose the base light camo colour through the subsequent camo oversprays.

Next came lots of weathering effects. First, sprayed the model with Glosscoat and got the decals on. Then applied a dark pin wash to pop out all the panel lines. Then started into the mud splatters. These were done in three shades of Vallejo spatter mud colours. After that came rust pigments, dust and dirt. Also painted the tracks with Vallejo track primer and then weathered with AK NATO wash and a steel drybrush. Everything was settled in with pigment fixer and some Dullcoat.

The APC interior was initially primed off-white, and then "burnt-out" with successive layers of soot and rust pigments.

The final layers were done with pigment fixer and AK interactive White Ashes. Also did a final dust pass.

One more Dullcoat pass finished off the whole thing.

And so, the intention was to get a burnt-out vehicle onto my Kill Team boards to act as a flavourful terrain piece.

Mission accomplished!

'Til next time.


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