Monday, February 18, 2019

LVO 40K Friendly Wrap Up

Two weekends ago, I was down in Vegas for my 3rd LVO visit. Once again, loved it. So many great people to meet and play against. And the number of really great-looking armies was incredible. Here's a selection of armies from the 40K Friendly tournament I was playing in.

My tournament ran Saturday and Sunday. Two games each day. First player was Sean Kreger from California. He was playing Genestealer Cult.

First time up against a Goliath truck.

Ewww...150+ rending claw attacks against my Repulsor. Sure, it went down, but I won the game on points, 7-6.

Second game was against Matt Reid. His army was incredible. Almost completely airborne Imperial Guard.

I had a heck of a time trying to shoot down his troop carriers and jets. And while I did get some of them, I wasn't able to kill them fast enough.

My defensive redoubt at the end of the game. This was my only game loss of the weekend.

Sunday morning I played against a great guy from Oklahoma. Wyatt Harris was there with his whole family...all of whom play 40K. Smart, articulate, mature, very clean with his game mechanics and protocols...Wyatt was a great opponent. He played Death Guard.

Two high-firepower elite armies. I got the better of him and won 7-1.

My final opponent for the weekend was Alex Zoukas, a paramedic from Las Vegas. He played Necrons, and I'd have to say that this was the most exciting, and closest game of the weekend. Alex was a great opponent, and we played a very clean game.

My Repulsor and Aggressors ran through his backfield, and were able to deny Alex from scoring points on multiple turns. While he got ahead early on victory points, I was able to fight back and finally take the game 7-4. Go Dark Angels and their Secret Agenda!

There were 80 players in the tournament, and I wound up in 17th place. This was in improvement over my placement last year, and I also took best Dark Angel player.

Very fun tournament, and I will be back in Vegas for this again next year.

'Til next time.


  1. I'll have to look at attending this if I can ever get my army back on the table...

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