Sunday, January 31, 2010

Albatros D.V Builds: Part 4

Getting close now...

To keep my focus on a project, I often search around for pictures of my modeling subjects. Here are two of them. The Albatros D.Vs of Rumey and Konnecke.

Well, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty. I clipped the remaining parts from the sprue, and was shocked to see that there was so much left to do! Cabane and interplane struts, landing gear, tail skids, props, exhaust stacks and machine guns. Yowza. Those tires...when I get to them...will definitely be the worst part.

Anyway, this week, the struts went in and the top planes went on. I also got to the end of the decalling. Baumer has his edelweiss. Sigmann has his tailplane and stars finished. Flashar's dragon tail is on and Rumey has his white stripes.

This week I'm guessing I'll be putting the landing gear on and get those props painted. We'll see how close I get to putting this monster to bed.

'Til next time.


  1. Amazing progress. You're in the home stretch now!

  2. Wow, what a monster build! long way away from getting a kit for my birthday and then coating it with glue stringers and finger prints trying to assemble it! You rock!

  3. Bob, know...I think this is the secret to model building...just build 'em all at once!

  4. What a great project. Many congratulations on nearing the end. Best of luck for the final finishing stretch, Kevin.

  5. Ooooh, baby... Can't wait for the next installment, Kevin.

    Did the kits come with masks for the wheels? I found them to be really helpful. My hands are really shaky these days, so I'll take any help I can get!

  6. Matt,

    I mounted the wheels on toothpicks and spun them around for the dark grey paint application. Wasn't perfect, but a little clean up with the base paint color and they were good to go.