Sunday, January 10, 2010

Albatros D.V Builds: Part 2

The title of this week's build blog should be "All Rib Tapes, All The Time."

Most of my hobby time this week was spent working on the wings of Sigmann's D.V. I've stalled out on several WWI biplane projects in the past simply because I couldn't stand the tedium of applying rib tapes. However, I'm determined to get through this eight-plane build...two of which require rib I'm sucking it up and plowing through them.

I also got the fuselage markings onto the two Jasta 12 D.Vs.

So, the end of this week doesn't look very much different than the end of last week. This week coming up I'm down in Austin, so progress on these builds will be put on hold for about five days. No problem...I'm feeling pretty confident that I should be mostly done this project by the end of January.

'Til next time.


  1. Wow! Beautiful paint jobs, stunning decals. And VERY colourful. Very nice.

  2. Thanks Scott, can't wait to get them out on the game table!

  3. Ditto, Kevin. Looking great!

    Are the plywood fuselages decals or painted? I'm envious... :D

  4. Like your work
    Impressive that you are aiming at representing formations

    Do you use Wings of War or Canvas Eagles (or both)

  5. Geordie,

    We use Canvas Eagles. If you dig a little further into the blog, you'll find formations for Jasta 19 and 56 squadron as well.

  6. Matthew,

    The ply fuselages are painted. The process is 1) "wood" spray, 2) Smear on acrylic brown, 3) wipe off with windex, 4) glaze with light yellow, and 5) seal with a gloss clear coat for decal application...finish up with dullcoat at the end (not there yet).