Sunday, January 24, 2010

Albatros D.V Builds: Part 3

Well, I lost a week at the hobby table with a business trip down to Austin, and then a weekend with family in Calgary...but the crazy D.V build continues!

This past week I was able to finish off the lozenge wings of Neckel's Albatros and I've attached the Jasta 5 tail feathers. Those Eduard Jasta 5 "red piping" decals are hell to work with. So fussy. Anyway, lower wings are now glued on and I feel like I'm in the home stretch.

As I'm building these kits, I have to say that Sigmann's D.V is turning out to be my favorite. The markings are just spectacular.

Next up will be guns, struts, top wing attachments and landing gear.

On the subject of Canvas Eagles, we've been playing some more at the club, and I had an opportunity to get the triplanes out for a spin against some of Matt Robinson's campaign pilots.

Of special note is that Matt just finished off his resin Sopwith Dolphin kit and flew it at the club a few weeks back. A beautiful build, which you can just see climbing away from trouble with a couple of triplanes on his tail.

'Til next time.


  1. These are looking great! The red piping decals might be fussy, but hand painting them is worse and never looks right. Your decal work is spot on. Worth the extra effort.

  2. Lovely stuff. Not my era but I was a big Biggles fan and have read loads on the Flying Corps in WW1. These are things of beauty!