Sunday, August 1, 2010

Temple Guard

I'm continuing to work my way through the Lizardmen battalion box. This past week, I was painting up the Temple Guard.

You know, I picked Lizardmen because I thought they'd be the easiest WH army to paint. However, the Temple Guard have to be some of the most complex, intricate figures I've ever worked on. Thank goodness there were only 10 of them!

Here they are with their Slann general.

In the big mess of bone, scales and weapons, it's hard to pick out what an individual Temple Guard figure looks like. Here's a sample.

A team shot for the yearbook...

I'm moving from the battalion box and starting into the Stegadon model. I have it assembled and primed and will try to knock off as much of it as I can before my nieces arrive this week for next weekend's big music festival here in town. That's a four-day no promises about next week's update.

'Til Next time.


  1. Wow. You so kick butt as a painter. I have no interest in lizards or WHFB but am only able to resist going to mall and buying a box because the wife has the car out. Wow.

  2. Very nice work indeed. That unit looks excellent. I salute your brushwork sir.

  3. Complicated figs but the final result is SO worth the effort. Looks awesome, especially escorting the slaan.

  4. They look great, but did you change your color? They don't look as blue as the previous lizzies you've painted up. Have fun at the F. Fest? too!

  5. Black Bard,
    Each unit in the army will have a different base color. So Saurus are dark blue. Skinks, light blue. Temple Guard are green. My Stegadon is already painted red. Slann is olive. Cold ones will likely be purple...etc. Bone and gold are the unifying colors for the whole army.

    I do the same thing with my Warmachine Menoth army, where every unit has some white in it. However, each unit has a different theme color to keep it differentiated on the tabletop.