Saturday, May 7, 2011

Battle of Sotium

Edmonton's Mayday convention was held this weekend, and by all accounts it was a very successful. Thanks to all the out-of-towners who drove to Edmonton!

I ran my Command & Colors: Ancients game for Bob, Terry, Jonathan and Matthew. We ran the Sotium scenario twice, switching sides and commanders, and the team of Terry and Jonathan won. Congratulations!

The Roman battle line, ready for the Gallic onslaught (the Gauls won both games).

Should have another update tomorrow with some new Cryx pieces for Warmachine.

'Til next time.


  1. Wow Kevin - best looking game of C&C ever! Good work. Is it fun playing miniatures on a hex grid? I'm not being cynical - I'm genuinely curious.

  2. Great game Fun, cool command mechanic, and looked awesome. what a wonderful way to close out MayDay.

  3. Thanks Bob, I had a lot of fun.
    Battlemind...if you enjoy C&C:A, then you'd love it in miniature. Very good game and the miniatures help immerse you into the battle.