Saturday, October 8, 2011

Four-player SAGA

So, a number of players at our local club pre-ordered the SAGA rules from Gripping Beast...and rulesets all got delivered two weeks ago. Good excuse for a club game!

We played the four-player scenario out of these new Dark Ages rules last Tuesday night. Dave (on the left) played Welsh. Terry and Mark (in the middle) shared the Saxon command. Scott (cursing his dice on the right) played Normans. I took Viking duties again.

We each played 4-point warbands. I was the only one to take Thralls (low quality troops) and this left me with a dice deficit from the beginning of the game. Not sure if I'd do this again, though the Thralls we able to do a good job whittling down Scott's Normans while shielding my Bondi warriors.

In the end, Dave eked out a slim victory with 58 points to Scott's 57. Terry/Mark scored in the mid-40s, and I brought up the rear with just 36. But at least my Warlord survived...which was more than some of the other guys could say!

The SAGA system continues to impress, and we'll be very happy when the campaign rules come out (rumored for the next release in the line).

Still plugging away on those Khandish horsemen models from GW's LotR line.

'Til next time.


  1. Nice photo. Sounds like an interesting game.

  2. Hi Kevin, I'm in Spruce Grove and was wondering do you know if SAGA is available anywhere in Edmonton?