Sunday, October 16, 2011

Prime Severius Warmachine List and Analysis

First off, let me say that if you aren't a hardcore Warmachine player, this week's hobby table blog post will hold no interest for you. I apologize in advance! I'll be posting a painting tutorial for Khandish Horsemen next come on back then!

Now, on to Warmachine...

I've been playing Menoth on and off for five years and have only ever had mediocre success with them. I've enjoyed collecting them...but I've really struggled with their intricate play style. Order of operations and getting the right match ups with my opponents pieces has always caused trouble for me.

This is unlike my experience with playing Cryx this year. I win with Cryx more often than not, likely because they suit my play style better. Order of operations aren't so important and they can consistently punch opponents in the face without much difficulty. You can play sloppy and still win with them.

In any event, after struggling with playing my 35pt Tier 4 Harbinger list in many, many Steamroller scenarios, I've switched to a 35pt pSevvy list and am finally meeting with consistent success.

Here's the list:

Prime Severius +6
^Blessing of Vengeance -7
^Hierophant -2

Avatar of Menoth -11
4 Choir -2
Errant Seneschal -2
6 Errant Exemplars -5
Errant Officer and Standard -2
Covenant of Menoth -2
Vassal Mechanik -1
Vassal of Menoth -2
Rhoven & Guards -4
3 Wracks -1

When playing this list, pSevvy stays in the backfield maintaining Defender's Ward (Errants), Vision (BoV) and Eye of Menoth (self). He pulls Wrack focus as needed. When the opportunity presents itself to clear enemy infantry or nasty solos through the BoV arc node, he can deliver 2x Ashes to Ashes (usually at +3 damage...Eye + BoV Affinity) by letting go of one upkeep (Def Ward), or two (Vision) if he needs to boost a damage roll.

Blessing of Vengence with Vassal of Menoth holds the center of the map or scenario objective with No Shooting (from Choir), Vision and Enliven (from Vassal). As an additional protection, he has the melee pushback from his shield. When the Avatar needs to go to bat, he loses No Shooting.

Meanwhile, the Avatar stands back with the Mechanik and No Shooting waiting to countercharge. Alternatively, he's off to the side to drag opponents away from scenario objectives with Gaze. When he's called upon to lay waste, he usually hits/damages at +3/+3 with Eye and Choir.

The Errants, with Defender's Ward, either tarpit in the objective zone, or shoot infantry, or charge 'jacks, or apply pressure by maneuvering on the opposite side of a the situation dictates. It's not unusual in a single game for these guys to do all of these functions. This is obviously a very versatile unit that your opponent will have to concentrate effort on to eliminate or neutralize. I like the minimum unit more than the max sized unit simply because with fewer pieces advance-deployed in front of the rest of my army, the chance that I screw up my 'jack and Covenant advance lanes is lowered (we usually play with a lot of terrain on the table, which adds to traffic congestion.)

The Covenant moves to the center of the map as quickly as possible and lays down No Knockdown/Stationary. Once the enemy caster is within 10", it's usually best to switch to No Spells.

Finally Rhoven and company either clear Sevvy's line of sight for Ashes to Ashes, or they bugger Hordes 'locks with Animi clearing, or they take scenario flags/control points/etc, or they engage troublesome enemy solos. The reach-weapon master infantry meat they bring to the list has come in very handy in several games now.

Well, this is the list that finally has me loving Menoth. It's been a long time coming! Fortunately, Warmachine is so well balanced, there are certainly lists that can tear this one to pieces...I just haven't run into it yet. And until I do...go Severius!

'Til next time.

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