Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wagon Boy

As I've mentioned a few times, I'm running a role playing game in the Middle-earth setting. We don't get together very often for this...but it has been going for a while now, and we've recently added a new player to the group. Chris plays "wagon boy," an apprentice priest character. The other guys are happy to have him around, because he's good at dispelling stress, fatigue and wounds...and carrying stuff.

Painted up a new figure for him this week...

This is a Reaper fig, and admittedly, while not very Middle-earth-ish, we do like having this guy around.

It's a whimsical figure, but I really like it.

Getting back to the serious side of our campaign, the guys are starting to wrap up in Moria and soon they will be traveling to new lands. That means it's time to start painting up some new potential enemies. I started into a couple of boxes of Khandish cavalry. I always regret starting projects like this, because, especially with horses, they are always more work than I think they'll be.

I'll post a painting tutorial on these guys in a couple of weeks (I hope).

'Til next time.