Sunday, December 18, 2011

Crusader...No, Templar

A couple of years back, I bought some Warmachine models from a guy at work who was getting out of the game. I picked up his built Crusader for about $10, and it then sat on the table here for...well, a long time. Now, I recently picked up the plastic Menoth Heavy 'Jack kit to make a Blood of Martyrs character 'jack. As a result, I had some spare parts to make a Templar. Crusader chassis...Templar shield and flail...well, the result is a quick and cheap Templar.

I'm using a very simple paint scheme, so this conversion fell together quite quickly.

The holidays are nearly here...can't wait!

'Til next time.


  1. NIce stuff! I so don't understand what the heck Warmahordes is about but the figures are very cool. Sweet paint job.

  2. Looks awesome - I love the smooth and crisp ivory you are able to achieve. I'm in the middle of my bi-annual jonesing to paint up some Hordes - I think it was the new Warpwolf models, they make me want to do some Orboros (even though they probably arent available for a while).