Saturday, December 31, 2011

Menoth Closes Out the Year

Well, managed to finish off the pieces for my Epic Feora 50 pt list this morning. I've played the list twice with incomplete models, but that abomination ends in 2012!

A full unit of Exemplar Bastions.

I used a cool blue for the unit color cloth.

Also finished off the Menoth Heavy Jack kit as a Vanquisher.

I tried something different with the Menoth White this time. After spraying the two tones of white paint, I added a really thin wash of Devlan Mud.

If the Feora list does consistently well, I'll post some tactica for it.

OK...that's it for 2011. I hope you had a great year and got some fun games in. I'll post an annual wrap up in a couple of days.

'Til next time...


  1. The shading on the skirts is very nicely done. Foundry system? And your ivory always turns out so nice and smooth.

  2. Hey Bob,
    The blue cloth comes from P3 paint: Coal Black, Trollblood Base and Underbelly Blue.
    I think you're smooth too. ;^)

  3. Awesome painting.Happy New Year Kevin.