Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mixed Bag

It was an active hobby and gaming week...even with a trip to Austin thrown in.

Started off by finishing up Epic Feora, a Menoth caster who I've been interested in playing at 50 points recently.

Her molded base is a carpet of flame which I struggled a little bit to paint, but it turned out in a passable state.

Now, I also finished off two Menoth Temple Flameguard. These two pieces (on the outer edges of this photo) finish off a maximum unit...a unit I actually started painting over five years ago. As you can see from the pieces now all arrayed, the painted styles and colors are a little different between many of the models...that's what you get for doing a unit piecemeal.

Last Tuesday night, the Edmonton Wargame Group moved into its new venue, at the Riverbend community league in the city's southwest. It's a little more homey and suburban than our prior digs over at the Warriors In Time club, but everyone seemed to like the change. We also held our semi-annual auction, which raised several month's rent for the coming year. WhooHoooo.

Finally, I got those T-70s done for the Conflict of Heroes Kursk scenario I want to put together. These are 6mm micro armor pieces mounted on 1" square metal bases.

The weather's turning colder and the hobby room is heating up.

'Til next time.

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