Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lock and Load: Day 0

Hello from Lock & Load 2013...downtown Seattle. This is Privateer Press' showcase home turf convention. I've been looking forward to going for several months now. Arrived this morning after an ungodly early flight. I was lucky, and my room was available for check in at 8:00 AM.

Normal badge holders can't register until tomorrow morning, so wandered around the Red Lion Hotel, and found pick-up games to play with some others who were looking to get some practice in today.

First off, some early pics of the Iron Arena open game area.

Cool new Convergence board.

Met Sean from Vancouver. We had a pick up game in the morning in the tournament area. I was looking to get time in with my eFeora lists. I'm most shaky with her play style. It showed. Three games with her today and lost all of them...yay.

Anyway, Sean turned out to be a nice guy. He played a gator army led by Rask and won on scenario.

In the afternoon I took a walk over to the Raygun Game Lounge. It's about 20 minutes from the hotel. A very cool place to play games. Nice big tables. Food. Beer. What more could you ask for. Several Warmachine players showed up, including a nice fellow from Norway by the name of Jonas.

He had a beautifully painted Skorne army, carried around in a very solid wooden crate. Everything was magnetized to minimize travel damage.

He didn't have any broken pieces as far as I could tell. Any case that can get an army to the West Coast from Oslo has to be pretty well built!

Jonas was a very good player. We ground our armies down, but when his Mammoth charged and took out my Judicator, the writing was on the wall.

I also had a pick-up game with Matt from Puget Sound. He played Trolls, and although I got ahead on attrition, he gained the center of the board first and won on scenario. Good game, and a tough opponent.

There are a whole slew of guys here from Alberta, so looking forward to catching up with them tomorrow when the main tournaments start. I did run into the usual suspects from Thunderground. On the left is Roy Kim, our store's owner and all around good guy.

Did manage to pick up some Warmachine geek swag today over at Raygun Games. These are the new dice sets from Q-Workshop.

I'll post again tomorrow and report on the first day of the Masters.

'Til next time.

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  1. Good luck in the tourney Kevin! Did Elliot head down as well?

    Can you send me your current email to Want to talk about Folkfest...Loreena Mckennitt!!!!