Sunday, May 5, 2013

MayDay Steamroller 2013 Recap

Saturday, May 4th, The Edmonton Wargame Group put on its annual miniatures convention, MayDay. I ran the Warmachine Steamroller tournament and 19 players from Edmonton, St Albert and Red Deer showed up for the day. 

Surprisingly, there were five (!) Retribution armies at the tournament. Four Cryx made it too. Then a pretty standard mix of other factions, except that Legion, Trolls and Menoth (!) gave the day a pass.

This turned out to be a 4-round affair which ran from 9:00 AM to about 5:00 PM. While the games were on, I took some photos of some really impressively painted armies that turned out for the competition.

Here's Tyler Webb's beautifully painted Skorne army, with the new Mammoth.

Tom Carter had two fantastic Merc armies at the con. Here's his Dwarf force.

Gord Weppler's Stormwall army.

Cory Cass' Cryx.

Elliot's Gators and Josalynne's Cryx fight it out. You can see more of Elliot's fantastic Gators in battle reports on this blog.

A chunk of Tom's pirate army. This one was really beautiful. The paint jobs on the 'jacks and cannon were sublime.

Another one of Gord's great Cygnar armies. I've played against this one in the past, and it is nasty. Double Stormstriders and Thunderhead.

After the 4th round, we were able to determine a winner. Cory (Cryx) from Red Deer took first place. He beat Gord in the final round with:

Epic Skarre
^ Deathjack
^ Nightwretch
Bile Thralls (min)
Satyxis Raiders (max) with UA
Raider Captain
Warwitch Siren

For his troubles, Cory walked away with trophy, coin and certificate, and the Skorne Mammoth.

Andrew Munn (Khador) took 2nd, beating contender Bryan Lang in the final round on scenario with:

Old Witch
^ Scrapjack
^ Behemoth
^ Kodiak
Pikemen (max)
Black Dragon Officer
2x Manhunter
Yuri the Axe

Andrew took home a trophy, coin, certificate and a Woldwrath.

Coming from behind to take 3rd place after losing in the very first round was Mike Weaver (Cryx). His final round list was:

Epic Skarre
^ Kraken
^ Deathjack
Bane Knights (max)

Besides the trophy, coin and certificate, Mike got a Hordes 2-player boxed set.

Our best sportsman award went to Josalynne Balajadia. Everyone that played against her voted her into the category. Josalynne was a awarded a $50 gift certificate from Thunderground in St Albert.

Tyler Webb won best painted army in a walk. The Mammoth army was just about everyone's favorite. Not to take anything away from some of the other beautifully painted forces that made it out...the caliber of painting in the Alberta community has really gone up in the past two years. Tyler got a Throne of Everblight for his efforts.

And then there was the Perseverance Award. This went to the guy who played every round and had the worst record. Congratulations Mat Kohlruss! Mat's actually a good player...makes me think he sandbagged the whole day to get the $25 gift certificate (and a few extra Thunderground comics). Haha. Mat took his fair share of ribbing and jabs for the award...and got the most applause for his efforts.

So, standings for the day...

1. Cory Cass (Cryx)
2. Andrew Munn (Khador)
3. Mike Weaver (Cryx)
4. Gord Weppler (Cygnar)
5. Bryan Lang (Ret)
6. Elliot Christian (Minions)
7. Dwight MacCallum (Circle)
8. Josh Paquette (Ret)
9. Paul Kingston (Cryx)
10. Tyler Webb (Skorne)
11. Mike Kolkman (Ret)
12. Greg Rumbolt (Ret)
13. Tom Carter (Mercs)
14. Luke Baron (Ret)
15. Josalynne Balajadia (Cryx)
16. Christian Lombardi (Skorne)
17. Rob MacKinnon (Circle)
18. Joel Bacso (Khador)
19. Mat Kohlruss (Mercs)

Fun day. Thanks for coming out, guys.

'Til next time.

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