Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thyra vs Rask

This past Tuesday night's game with Elliot was a 35-point match, Scenario 9: Into the Breach. I'm playing Menoth and rolled higher than Elliot's Minions for first player. I chose to go second and took the board edge that gave me the best path into the scoring zone. My Menoth force is on the left...gators are on the right.

Elliot's set up. He took Rask with Wrastler, Swamp Horror, a unit of Gators, Feralgeist, Witch Doctor, Gobber smoke-making dudes and two units of Bog Trogs. He assigned one unit to ambush.

My set up. I have Thyra, Sanctifier, Blood of Martyrs, Choir, Mechanik, Vassal, Nicia, min Errants and UA, Daughters and Saxon. My plan is to flood the zone, draw in Elliot's force, feat and try to assassinate.

Minion turn 1. Led by the trogs, Elliot's force ambles forward towards the zone.

Menoth turn 1. Elliot has pathfinder on his Gators, so my Errants enter the zone by hang behind the woods to prevent LOS charges. My Daughters move to my right flank to draw the ambushers next turn. Thyra is up, but behind my mini 'jack wall.

Nicia runs up my left flank alone. With Elliot concentrating on the zone, my hope is to get Nicia into his backfield and maybe onto Rask.

Minions turn 2. The ambushers come on and really chew deeper into the Daughters than I thought they would. My mistake. I have two Daughters left and they pass their command check.

Meanwhile, Elliot runs up a couple of trogs from his other unit to pin down my Errants behind the woods. Gators move into the zone. Rask feats (no charges or attacks from more than 5" away) and puts down rough terrain.

Menoth turn 2. Thyra gets her Carnage on and charges into the ambushing trogs. The two that are left fail their check and flee.

In the zone, the two Daughters kill the two advanced trogs, freeing up the Errants to move up and engage Gators. All attacks fail. Booooo.

Finally, Nicia charges into Elliot's right flank, taking out a trog with her blade, shooting another, and then sprinting deeper into the Minion backfield, setting up a charge against Rask next turn. (Oh, if only...)

Minion turn 3. Elliot charges the Swamp Horror into my Mechanic, then makes remaining attacks against Blood of Martyrs. Although movement system goes down, everything else on Blood is working after the attacks.

Gators blow away most of the Errants. In addition, he gets a good hit roll on Nicia and clears my backfield threat. Boooo again.

Menoth turn 3. Thyra feats and puts Grievous Wounds on Sanctifier. Sanctifier gets enough of a movement boost from the feat to wade into the woods and smash all of Elliot's Gatormen with reach attacks. No tough due to Grievous Wounds. Blood of Martyrs is a little hobbled, but he clears the nuisance Gobbers.

My two remaining Daughters jump over everyone, and with Pathfinder from Saxon, get in behind Rask.

Minion turn 4. This game is turning into a big attrition grind. Wrastler moves up and pastes Sanctifier. Elliot uses the Witch Doctor's sacrificial strike ability on a trog and puts 7 damage on Thyra. The clock is running down, so Elliot finishes the turn by disengaging Rask from the Daughters (who only manage 4 points of free strike damage) and disrupts Blood of Martyrs with his gun.

Menoth turn 4. I'm running out of time too. Rask has a play on the flag over on my left flank. So, I camp all of Thyra's focus and move over the left side of the forest to get LOS on Rask and hopefully charge him next turn. Wraster can't hit me, I'm thinking...I'm safe.

Minion turn 5. Just seconds to go. Elliot runs Rask to the flag for insurance, then moves Wraster in to try and hit Thyra. He makes the roll. Straight dice damage, even with my focus camp, and Wrastler delivers 12 damage. Dead Thyra.

As you can see on the death clock, the game finished with both of us under 2 minutes remaining.

Exciting and fun game. I hope to win one at some point!

'Til next time.


  1. Looking great. Very fun game.

  2. Hey what clock app are you using there?
    Great blog, by the way. I visit all the time. I love your painting and your reports!