Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blackfrost Shard and 50mm Objective

The Blackfrost Shard is Legion of Everblight's 3-man character unit. Again, I was painting this week for the Journeyman League's painting challenge. All shard members can cast Ice Bolt and Ice Cage, and are weapon masters with magic claymores.

Here's a closer view of Rhylyss. Among the standard Blackfrost abilities, he can cast the Kiss of Lyliss damage buff.

This is the unit leader, Sevryn, who has the Disbinding special ability.

And finally, there is Vysarr, who gives the unit Stealth.

The stretch goal for this week's painting challenge was to prepare a 50mm objective marker. Again, I used a piece from Scibor miniatures' Dwarf Ruins set. Makes a good monolith objective.

Next up...Alexia and the Risen.

'Til next time.

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