Wednesday, November 27, 2013

pBaldur vs Harbinger

Well, here's an embarrassingly short battle report. Elliot came over Tuesday night for a game of Warmachine. He brought a pBaldur list, while I trotted out the Harbinger (first time in about 4 years). I rolled up "Close Quarters," and you can see the flag placement on the table here, along with the opening set ups. I'm Menoth on the right. Elliot is Circle on the left.

My list consists of Harbinger, Hierophant, two Reckoners and a Devout in the battlegroup. Then the rest of the list is Avatar, Choir, Vassal, Vilmon, Covenant, Rhupert and Errants with UA. I've rolled to go first.

Elliot is playing the pBaldur tier list, with Megalith, Wold Guardian, Woldwarden, Woldwatcher and Woldwyrd in the battlegroup. Then he had two units of stones (one UA), Mannikins, two units of Woldstalkers and a Wilder. Elliot goes second.

Menoth turn 1. So here's the crux of the game...we're playing a scenario with Kill Box, so I'm forced to move up with Harbinger. Elliot is playing an army with lots of Advance Deploy, Advance Move and plenty of place effects. He's up close right out of the starting gate. I've set up Harbinger on my left to go after the friendly flag. I feat on the top of turn one just to give me a chance to move up my line of engagement. I move up my Errants on my right flank with flame attacks (from the Covenant) and Tough from Rhupert. I want to start the attrition early...but I miss all my crossbow shots by about a quarter inch. Hmmm.

Circle turn 1. Elliot shifts all of his 1-hit units away from the feating Harbinger, and starts shooting at my Errants (he kills 3) and Vilmon (who I Martyr twice). A couple of Mannikins turn into trees (as you can see, Elliot made some great templates for them).

On my left flank, opposite my battlegroup, Elliot moves up his heavy hitters. He takes a few points of damage from the feat, but gets some Earth Spikes off on a Reckoner, knocking out its gun. Baldur teleports into the forest in front of me (that's bad news).

Menoth turn 2. I load up my Reckoners to take out Elliot's Wold Guardian with Crusader's Call. Avatar moves up and Gazes, in an effort to pull the heavies away from Harbinger. Errants set stuff on fire.

Circle turn 2.'s the end of the game. Megalith stone-teleports up (avoiding Gaze effect) and puts DEF debuff on Harbinger. Then Baldur tree-teleportsup to Harbinger (no Defensive Strike from Devout) and uses his 4 Fury to beat Harbinger into the ground. Well played Elliot!

Well...not to entertaining to read about...this was a pretty standard pBaldur assassination run, and the Kill Box scenario played right into his hands. Oh's fun to get some old miniatures out onto the table anyway!

'Til next time.

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