Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Best Day of the Year Happens EVERY Year!

As long-time followers of this blog know, my favorite day of the year is "fall back day," where we go from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time. I always invest the extra hour into painting...and this year was no exception.

This week's painting challenge at the LGS's Journeyman League requires a Heavy Warjack or Warbeast. I'm playing Legion of Everblight at the league, and don't have a Ravagore in my arsenal here it is. I put the extra hour today to good use...putting skin texture into this beast, and finishing the mouth and teeth as well.

If you play Hordes, you know that the Ravagore is something special. Lots of hitting power and a great animus.

I found the pose of this beast tilting a little to much downwards for my liking, so I built up the base with some cork and tipped the whole figure up.

The Ravagore now takes his place alongside my other jungle-themed Legion heavy ' well as Epic Thagrosh, who feels like a heavy 'beast as well! As you can see, my Legion theme is part organic and part metallic. I was always fascinated with dragons described in literature as having "claws of steel" or the like. All carapaces, horns, teeth and claws on my heavies are metal.

'Til next time.


  1. Nice blends. That just wet blends with a brush or something else?

  2. Kickin123,
    Initial airbrush for some base colors, then thin paint built up for highlights.