Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Khador Army

More Warmachine madness...

Last month I bought the Ebay auction put up by col_festus of the First Rank, Second Rank blog. This was a large lot of Khador figures, and about half of the army was painted by Eric Festa to a very high quality level. Here is the Juggernaut from that lot, painted by Eric.

I was eager to paint some of the bare metal that came with this Ebay lot...the challenge was whether I'd be able to match Eric's style. Fortunately, he had posted a Khador painting and weather tutorial, so I had a great set of guidelines to match his work.

Here is my first Khador Warjack off the table...the Khador Spriggan.

Not a perfect match to Eric's style, but close enough to pass as a single army on the tabletop. The main departure I had from his instructions was to use water-based weathering washes instead of the oil-based paint he used. In any event, I'm happy with the result. More so because Eric's painting instructions were very clear and made for a very fast painting project.

So fast, in fact, that I was able to take this full Man-o-War Shocktroopers unit from bare metal to done this week as well.

I'm very excited about this new army, since I have a good head start with Eric's painted figs, and it's proving to be a very fast army to paint.

'Til next time.


  1. Awesome! Your paint job looks exactly like the original.

  2. Yep, looks great and a darn good match for the original!

  3. Top notch painting, a whole army painted on this level will be a great sight. Keep up the great work!