Thursday, December 9, 2010


Continuing on with Legion forces...

Finished the Typhon last night and did the basing this morning. Tried out another color scheme...this time it's a mottled green and brown. I airbrushed the base colors with Vallejo air model paints and then did the highlighting with GW and Foundation.

Continuing with the theme of hybrid metal and "fleshy" beasts, the carapace is brass and the spines, claws and teeth are silver. GW paints for the metallics.

I was going to bring this guy out onto the table today during our lunch game of Warmahordes...but he's really just too expensive for a 15 point game. I took the Angelius instead with Epic Lylyth and got my butt handed to me by a Khador force played by the very adept and experienced Elliot. Lessons learned!

Next up on the table...I'm trying out six Khador pieces in an attempt to match the painting style of the finished Khador force I got in an Ebay auction a few weeks back.

'Til next time!


  1. I love the orange and purple tones in the green skin! Looks great (for a gruesome monster anyway).

  2. What an awesome miniature and excellently painted too. I really like the colour scheme and the way you've painted the gaping maw of one of the heads. I think I'd better check out these Warmachine miniatures.

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