Saturday, December 18, 2010

Terrain Repaints

A couple of weeks ago, our game club's "supplier" showed up with a pile of old Pegasus terrain pieces. They were painted, but I felt they really could use a repaint. I bought five pieces and started into the repainting this week. Here's the first one...kind of a hilly pass full of bones.

These two pieces came from my favorite game terrain source...the local aquarium shop. I can't pass an aquarium store without checking if there are any tank ornaments in the sales bin. Last Found these guys on sale. Quickly repainted.

All these bone pieces are good for either Legion or Lizardmen terrain items, I think.

This is another one of the Pegasus resin pieces...a skull tower. I repainted with most of the work done by airbrush. The metal rust was a test bed for some new weathering pigment powders from MIGS. I really liked working with these. Fast, and good results.

The end of the year wrap up is coming soon...

'Til next time.


  1. Kevin, these projects look great ! Always an added bonus when you snag em in the sales bin. Did you airbrush em and then drybrush ?

    These will scare anyone whom enters Lizard country

  2. Jmezz,

    Yes, airbrushed the base colors, then washes and drybrushes, ect. to build up the rest of the color.

  3. Great job .... will great on the table surrounded by lizardmen

  4. Wow what manufactuer made the dino bone aquarium orniments, I have been looking for something like that.

  5. N810...sorry, they just had a "made in china" sticker on the bottom.

  6. They look awesome. Terrific!