Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two Seraphs

Continuing on with my Legion of Everblight forces, this week I finished off a pair of Seraph warbeasts. Kind of a shocking purple, given the muted tones of my other Legion forces, but what the Hell!?!

I'm guessing the sculptor of this model was different than the guy they used for most of the other beasts in this faction...the wing ribbing is very different, and I'm not a fan...I'd rather that the sculpting was more subtle. Whatever...these guys have a pretty wicked design.

A WIP shot of the next big guy on the table...the Legion Typhon. Going for a more mottled green/brown this time around.

Some more WIP. Here are three Menoth epic casters I need to knock off the list to get my Protectorate forces finished. I played Epic Sevarius (center model) three weeks ago, and he was pretty strong. Looking forward to playing him non-proxied.

'Til next time.


  1. Yep, the Seraph sculpt blows IMO. I do dig your colors on these, though. Very cool!

  2. I gotta say those Seraph models are your prettiest work yet--at least that I've seen. Great stuff!

  3. I like your alternating stripes - they're subtle but add detail where there is none. Good work Kevin!