Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Starts Out With a Golem and Undead

Holidays...time to paint!

First figure off the hobby table in 2015 is this Mage Knight metal edition Storm Golem. Crappy sculpt, but I did a couple of minor conversions to mask the worst parts of the figure. The weird chest spike was replaced with a Reaper shield, while the gimpy backpack on the original figure was replaced with a Nomad shield from Privateer.

Anyway...started this figure last night, and since it's mostly just metal, it went very fast. Nice RPG metal golem of whatever sort.

I ordered in some Mantic undead about two months ago. It was a mixed pack of zombies and ghouls. They were supposed to have swappable when I got the figures in, I just clipped out five leg sets and five upper bodies. I glued them together without properly matching them up. The result...a requirement for greenstuff putty filler! So, the compatibility is only moderate.

Regardless, Mantic does produce some very cool undead figures. I really like these guys. Very animated and creepy.

I still have some more RPG figures to clear off the table...we'll see how long I can keep this up before my attention wanders somewhere else. Like to Greece!

'Til next time.


  1. The mage has ended up splendid - great paintjob on it and the undead

  2. Wonderful paintwork on the undead Kevin!