Sunday, January 11, 2015

Red Dragon WIP...and Slimes!

 This week I started up a sort-of-ambitious project: The Pathfinder Red Dragon from Reaper. This model is on the large size and relatively heavy. However, the only parts that required pinning were the wings.

The model is moulded into a few scenic items, which really don't do it justice.

I decided to invest into making a more elaborate display base. This started with a 4"x2" rectangle of balsa wood, and was built up with a couple of layers of cork sheet to create a kind of stepped platform.

The Red Dragon was glued onto the base along with a number of resin pieces from Scibor, slate and small gravel bits. Next up...paint.

Besides the dragon project, I painted up a couple of quick slimes (again from Reaper).

Slimes, jellies, ochres...what is it with D&D's fixation on barely sentient goo?

'Til next time.


  1. Love the basing on the dragon sir!

  2. For larger size models (dragons, giants etc) from Reapers catalogue you should look into the Bones line. Waaaay cheaper, and the detail is excellent on the mid size to large models (it can be soft on the human or smaller sized models however - I would stick with metal there)