Sunday, January 25, 2015

Demo Corps and Forsaken

This week I'm back to the Tale of Warmachine Painters 100-points-in-a-year painting challenge. So, for January we have a min-unit of Man O' War Demolition Corps and two Forsaken.

I painted one of these snow-camo Khador pieces back in December as a test figure. I'd been watching some weathering demos on YouTube and wanted to try out a few techniques. I'm happy with how they all turned out.

Even though they have worn down snow camo, they still fit in with my other dark grey Khador pieces.

I also finished off a couple of Forsaken figures from Legion of Everblight. Personally, I don't like these sculpts. They're too small and just a little on the funky side. Anyway...

'Til next time.

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